What is "GRUB@THE.CLUB"? 

A Saturday / Sunday evening, end-of-round social get-together to hear how the round's games went from the Junior Grade Coaches and the Senior Captains. - Who won, who lost and recognitions for on-field achievements. 

The "GRUB@THE.CLUB", or "food", for each of these Match Report Evenings is provided by the players (or players' parents, in the case of Juniors) from a rostered team.

The food can be prepared and/or cooked in our kitchen facilities, or brought from home and kept piping hot in our bain-marie.
The Rostered Team also serves the meals and cleans up afterwards.

What better way to share your cultural background, than through the sharing of the culinary delights of your country??!!  

Who is the "Master Chef" of YOUR team? 

LOOK for "Grub" Dates in the EVENTS section of this site.

Updated: 01/11/2014