Classification: Playing in the ISEC and SECA Junior grades

     ALL aspiring players for Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club are required to register ONLINE with the Club and pay their Junior Insurance levy of $5 PRIOR to playing a game with the Club. Two things this does for us....


One - Ensures YOU are covered by the Club's Player Insurance scheme. Do NOT worry that you may NOT be an Australian Citizen. We have a location on the Registration Form (both on- and offline) where you can identify your nationality and we then advise our insurance provider to make provision for you to play with the Club.


Two - Ensures the Club has your CORRECT contact details to enable us to communicate news, game info, selection info and much more you in an efficient an cost effective manner.


WE offer online Registration, whereby you enter your own information to create your MyCricket ID number, and you can then choose to pay online, by credit card, or offline via EFT (Bank transfer) - HOWEVER the Insurance Levy MUST be paid online.




Scroll down the page to the Junior Comp label =>



***Please note the Age Level in which your child will be participating to select the correct registration group. ***

If you're not sure ask your Coach



For RETURNING Players, you already have a MyCricket ID number, which is a permanent number in the MyCricket System which is linked to your email address as it is has been entered into the System. You should also have a Login password. If you have forgotten it, there is a link to reset it on the Registration Login page.


Parents or guardians of Junior Players are also issued with a MyCricket ID number which is yours for life! Again, this is for communication purposes and it is extremely important this info is correct.



There are some participants who are playing in 2 games on the Friday AND Sunday as a choice - There are 2 registrations required, as we have to affiliate, supply balls and rent the ground for the additional team. In this instance, there would be an Under-13 Registration AND the Sunday SECA Under-12 & Rookies Registration. (We're led to believe the second registration does not incur the levy)




To complete the registration process, we will also require the completion of the Club's Registration Form. This form requires your signature.