COVID-19 Safety Plan

Resources for the ESOCC's COVID-19 Safety Plan.


ESOCC has adopted the Cricket Victoria COVID-safe recommendations to protect the health and safety of all affiliates, their members, spectators, visitors, and the wider community.

We want to always encourage our Members and visitors to regularly visit the CV COVID-19 Resources page at


COVID-19 Resources - Cricket Victoria


However, for the latest go to COVID-19 Latest - Cricket Victoria


For visiting the Club (Scammell Reserve), please use the QR code below or Manually Check-In using the location code.

(Needs an internet connection and your data turned on)




Location code BWW 3WB


There will be signage at the venues to do this anyway.


Location Codes

South Oakleigh Primary School - Riley St : 5QE YKL

South Oakleigh Secondary College  - Bakers Rd : X3N 3KZ



Mark Thornhill - ESOCC, COVID-19 Safety Officer





Updated: 23/11/2021