MyCricket Online Registrations - NOW OPEN!
Date of Event Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club : Mon Aug 5, 2019 12:33AM

Online Registrations are now OPEN!

SENIOR PLAYERS: Get in early for the $50 discount!


Use the link below, to begin the re-registration process.









REMEMBER!! You are a returning player, so you'll need your MyCricket ID and Password.

You may need to reset your password if you have forgotten it,


Annual Subscriptions


·         Subs - Seniors

o   Sat/Sun Sides

§  Seniors: $300 up front; $350 if late.

§  21 & Under $200/$250

o   Game Day fees are now charged as a separate item

§  Turf - $200 Match Fees        Synthetic - $100 Match Fees

o   All senior teams -  1 free drink after all games played (Tap beer or softdrink)

o   Late payment – if not paid by Wed. 24th October.

o   Payment Plan -Just ask your Treasurer - Scott Murray

·         Subs - Juniors

o   U11/13 - $200

o   U15/17 -  $250


Subs - Junior Girls

o   U14's - Synthetic - $150

o   U16's - Turf -  $150

Last updated: Tuesday August 6, 2019 12:47PM
Author: Mark Thornhill