"And that's all", she wrote. Krushers' Finals campaigns update
Date of Event : Mon Mar 4, 2019 12:04PM

In another gut-wrenching twist of fate for the Krushers, a quirk of nature has robbed the Under-13 Friday Team of their opportunity to chase down a total of 209 in 30 overs. With the mercury at 35oC at 4pm last Friday, and rising to up to 38 at 6pm, the ISEC had to invoke their Extreme Heat Policy, calling off all matches. The draw means the team now bows out of the Finals.


The Under-17B Semi-Final against Mulgrave saw us having to chase a target of 181 in the allotted 45overs, but a shaky start meant we had to dig in and defend against some really tight bowling to consolidate the innings. Luke D'souza and Rob Konstanty-Nicholson were able to steady the innings, but sustained pressure from their opponents stifled the run-rate and wickets started to fall. A sparkling 49 from Jono Ferandes inspired some hope in the side, but we succumbed to score-board pressure and the match was lost.  


Last week saw the Saturday and Sunday 2nds' (SECA, H-Grade & CSB, Sunday-Div 2) Finals campaigns closed as well.


Congratulations to ALL Teams for earning the right to extend their Seasons!

We hope you can all take something positive from the experience.



For the Sunday 1st XI, their Season finished also with their last Round requiring them to win out-right in a One-Dayer.

A tall ask, but not to be.



So....the Clean-Up Day, the Presentations and the AGM are next. Don't forget to dump out the entire contents of your cricket bag before putting it away for the Winter!!


It's surprising how much litter, sand, grass, lolly wrappers, solidified "snakes" or the odd sock, will fall out!

Nothing worse than the smell of something dead permeating your bag at the start of the new Season!


Stay tuned to the Krushers.



Last updated: Monday March 4, 2019 2:33PM
Author: Mark Thornhill