Senior Presentation Report- 2018/19
Date of Event : Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:57AM

Congratulations to the new Club Champion - Ankush Malhotra, who came out on top in a tight contest at the top of table for on-field performances.


Your TOP 3:-

Club Champion - Ankush Malhotra (387 points)


Runner-Up Club Champion - Anmol Malhotra (381 points)


2nd Runner-Up Club Champion - Vardun Sudeora (360 points)


The Gary Riikonen Best Clubman for 2018/19 is Peter Woodward, for the work he did behind the scenes and the huge effort he put into cranking up the Social aspects of the Club.



- Writer's Note: It is so important to attend Club social functions and events, as we only have a few opportunities during the Season for us ALL to be in the one place at the one time. A lot of work goes in to preparing our events, and to have only a few people turn up is a kind-of-a ''thong slap'' to the people who have done the work.


For your information, ALL statistics have been unlocked.


For the up-coming AGM on May 17th (Friday - 7.30pm), please forward any general business items for the Agenda by 6pm Wednesday 17th April to



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Author: Mark Thornhill