Krushers Junior Blasters. Not back until February 5th, 2021.
Date of Event Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club : Thu Nov 5, 2020 5:42PM

Yes, we have finally established that our Program will not start until Term 1 in 2021.


It's because of the current limitations on numbers at the ground during the times we'd be running the program.
Normally there would be an Under-11s game and girls net training  on the Fridays. 
Throw 20 to 40 more Blasters in there and suddenly we have waaay more than we're allowed under the current restrictions.


Better to err on the side of caution.


It will be a shorter 8-week program over the Feb 5 to March 26 timeframe and only $90 for the Sign-up.


Whilst we will not be starting 'til next year, you can still order your starter packs (Maybe in time for Christmas?)


For those going on to MasterBlasters, we really need a Master Blasters Coordinator to run the show.
There is a little bit of training involved, but it's all FREE! (Let us know and we'll take you down the path!)


Register for Junior Blasters via the link below*inzgg7*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2MDE5Nzc3NzkuQ2p3S0NBandxX0Q3QlJBREVpd0FWTURkSHI3WXVLRjVHNDVTdVJLclZ1Y2htUmJMclQ5YlJaM25xMmE2NHhldVBNVlR4N0pXb0lTUHNCb0NGTTBRQXZEX0J3RQ..



In the meantime, there are FREE, Online Blaster Sessions with Cricket Blast Anywhere Cricket!



Sign-up here:-


Yours in Cricket,


Mark "Thorny" Thornhill
ESOCC - Secretary/Blast Coordinator


Last updated: Tuesday January 12, 2021 1:40PM
Author: Mark Thornhill