From MCA to CSB
Date of Event Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club : Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:47PM

The end of an era!



After something like a 20-year association and much deliberation, we bid farewell to the MCA.


CSB will be introducing a new Sunday, One-Day Competition over the top of the normal Sunday Div2 and Div 1, into which we will be entering a team with our current crop of Mercantile players. We are now aligning with the CSB, more so, for the competition location and the Junior and Girls-cricket pathways that are opening up.


I will always have fond memories of our halcyon period in the MCA from 1998/99 to 2001/2002, moving from C-Grade, to B-Grade, to A-Grade and then another A-Grade Premiership, ALL in 4 years, under the leadership of the Captain, Zulf Khan.
(The premiership pennants hang proudly on my wall in the "Office" at home.)



....and my very first "Representative Game" in any form of cricket, was with the Over-40's vs the U21's about 12 years ago.
(Even then, the Over-40's opened with a spinner!! ( A portent as to what happens in a lot of T20 strategies these days, eh?)



We thank them for the fond memories that we will take from our "Sunday Experiences" with the Mercantile.

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Author: Mark Thornhill